Walk on or Stand by?

At some point or the other, we all have to decide either to walk on or to stand by in life. The choice really is ours to make.

Some of us will always make that decision in rhythmic and inter-changeable fashion

Some others unconvincingly

Some others less dramatic yet emphatic.

It’s not like either is wrong or right without a context in view but there are no middle points. It will always be either of the options.

So ask yourself right now, which option are you going to choose?

You know what it is that matters to you….the choice is yours to make…push the button right now!

Go and don’t stop till you’re sure enough that you’re close to your desired destination!



Green Man





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The Devil’s garden

Lately, my love for photojournalism has heightened and its no wonder at all. For me its the best of both worlds I enjoy – telling stories (or talking too much) and taking photos.

People have rightly observed that although there be many areas or genres of photography to look into, it takes a while for the average photographer to find one or two that he sits comfortably in.

For me, I think Street photography and photojournalism are becoming my favourites. I stumbled across a Website http://www.foto8.com with stunning editorials from varying parts of the world and I have been sunk in.

If you are a lover of photojournalism, you might want to look it up. Please find below a link to one of the stories that moved me close to tears.


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Inventor Portrait: Steven Sasson

This is the dude that invented the DIGITAL CAMERA.

I guess we use many products without actually thinking about who made it or how it came to be – at least, I have never given my dSLR’s inventor thought before – I just assumed the bloody ‘Asians’ made it – lol

Okay, I hope you enjoy this!

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/22180298]
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Making Simply Beautiful Photographs

I just saw this video on youtube and I was totally inspired. National Geographic has some really amazing inspirational pictures taken over the years!

I hope this inspires you as much as it has inspired me.

Have fun

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Painting with Light

February 2011, on a chilling evening, I took a walk from my house to the local high street and decided to take my camera along with me.

The thought crossed by mind to try time-lapse shots with cars and lights all around me and also to see how easy or challenging it might turn out to be.

After a few shots, I got near what I had in mind. It was a little wet too so I had an occasional stream of water droplets on my lens of which at some point I got tired of cleaning and just let it be, surprisingly to good effect!

Please find below some of the images I was able to capture painting with light. Hopefully in the future, I would be able to take more professional looking ones!

Peace and Blessings!

Lights 1

Lights 2

Lights 3

Lights 4

Lights 5

Lights 6

[[Notice the ghosts?]]

Lights 7

Lights 8

Lights 9

Lights 10

Lights 11

Lights 12

Lights 13

Lights 14

Lights 15

Lights 16

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Something Interesting….

Can be found even in the most obscure places..

When I took this picture, I was just walking down the room and saw a dump in the middle of no-where. Brought my camera out and shot it.

Looking back now, I see a whole lot going on in there and maybe I should task you to count and list all the things you can see.

The most interesting one for me is the book that has ‘Colonial Bedrooms’ on the back page – What on earth is ‘Colonial Bedrooms?’ – Google to the rescue!!

Anyways, let me leave you to it! Have you found anything interesting yet?


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Dawn of a New Season

Its darkest when dawn is about to break….
The battle appears fiercest just when its about to end…
The wait feels longer when its almost over….

But at the end of the dusty dark tunnel lies a crisp ray of shining hope
Bringing strength to your soul, so that you can cope
With all the pressures that mount up on your heart
And consume your inward parts.

I know how it feels just before the dawn of a new season of life
But this is not the time to pay attention to the tide –

Don’t give up! Hold on to your dreams of victory
Believe in yourself! You’re not far from possibility
You have waited for this for way too long –
Now is the time to see it come in, strong!

It’s the dawn of a new season my friend
Smile as you’re not far from yesterday’s end!

Sunrise over Me

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