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I moved

Hey guys How are things? I haven’t blogged here in a while and it has been for certain reasons beyond the usual laziness…anyways, its actually the technicalities I ran out of wordpress space in terms of memory and I had … Continue reading

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Walk on or Stand by?

At some point or the other, we all have to decide either to walk on or to stand by in life. The choice really is ours to make. Some of us will always make that decision in rhythmic and inter-changeable … Continue reading

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Something Interesting….

Can be found even in the most obscure places.. When I took this picture, I was just walking down the room and saw a dump in the middle of no-where. Brought my camera out and shot it. Looking back now, … Continue reading

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Village People

Inspired by Chase Jarvis ( In many African cultures, the concept of a Village Crier or Town Crier is so vivid.┬áThe King appoints someone with probably a big voice, bags of character, probably easy going and most importantly, someone everyone … Continue reading

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Don’t give up just now….

Life is full of seasons of varying forms and sorts though it’s easily convenient to say Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn are the four seasons. Living in England however has taught me that there are only three seasons – Good … Continue reading

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Simply put – Inspiring

Hey Guys, Though I am into photography, video and vFX as well as sound fascinates me. I ran into a show reel today that will most definately make anyone question how TV shows are made in the future. Not like … Continue reading

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The Fraility of a life devoid of ……

Sometime ago, I was playing with a band in a pub gig somewhere in the south east of London. It wasn’t naturally the most interesting of gigs or like lights were everywhere, chicks calling out my name from the audience … Continue reading

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