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Feeling this today – Volume XII

“Every great picture has a story behind it“ – So I have been told and this particular one is no exception. Not that I am trying to say upfront that its a great picture – That’s for you to decide … Continue reading

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Feeling this today – Volume XI

Hi Guys, Sometime ago, I was going to central London for a hospital appointment and I thought it was going to be fun. Okay, I live in London and like most people who live in London, 6 out of 10 … Continue reading

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The Car

One of the first things I learned from holding a camera with a detachable lens years ago was the ability to blur one part of the image or all of the image. It took me years to learn that it … Continue reading

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Catching Sunsets

Hey guys! So I was looking for something I left on the window pane earlier in the day and of course I didn’t find it. Eventually, I gave up looking but then I found something else. I found the sun … Continue reading

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Joy – Which do you prefer?

So last weekend I was at this Party organized by women and for women! yay!! Okay, not so fast Jimmy! It’s not what you’re thinking! It was a clothes swap party and I was meant to cover the events, which … Continue reading

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Feeling this today Volume IX

You know when you capture a picture and don’t really think much of it, then you come back to it later and you think, wow, did I really think this up? talk more shoot it? Well this is one of … Continue reading

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Which do you Prefer? A or B

Hi Guys, So I took some panoramic shots of my old neighbourhood and I am not sure which Edit to go for? Which do you prefer and why? Thanks A B

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