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Playing without Light

The absence of light is called – ??????  Okay, while you think of an for answer that, I would like to point your attention to something else…Shadows! Some dictionaries define Shadow as ‘A dark area or shape produced by a … Continue reading

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Painting with Light

February 2011, on a chilling evening, I took a walk from my house to the local high street and decided to take my camera along with me. The thought crossed by mind to try time-lapse shots with cars and lights … Continue reading

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The Car

One of the first things I learned from holding a camera with a detachable lens years ago was the ability to blur one part of the image or all of the image. It took me years to learn that it … Continue reading

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Catching Sunsets

Hey guys! So I was looking for something I left on the window pane earlier in the day and of course I didn’t find it. Eventually, I gave up looking but then I found something else. I found the sun … Continue reading

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My Old Neighbourhood

This gallery contains 43 photos.

I recently moved from the south east of London, Thamesmead to be precise, to the North of the river Thames, Uxbridge. As much as I loved the experiences in the old environment and loving the new environment also, I felt … Continue reading

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What do you see?

When you look at this picture, what do you see first? What captures your attention first? It’s funny how we all see different things in a picture especially one that has so many distracting elements but I am hoping its … Continue reading

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Locks, Walls, Fences – Patterns made me look again!

Lately, I have been intrigued by looking out for patterns all around me. They make good textures for post-production edits, they can lead your eyes in a particular direction and are just sometimes interestingly boring but beyond that, its how … Continue reading

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