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My name is 'Femi (aka Femo) and these are pictures SHOTbyFEMO I am a freelance hobbyist Photographer with a passion for capturing treasured 'moments' with pictures. My ideal 'Kodak Moment' is such that tell different stories to different eyes that behold them and its a new story when you view it again. I love pictures that are bold, adventurous, iconic and atimes, just outright strange/different. It is my hope that armed with my favourite toys and tools, I can always capture these moments that leave you appreciative of 'the power of a picture'. Peace and Blessings to all of you that are followers of the light

52nd Nigerian Independence Press release

From the desk of Femo, written with my digital Biro. My fellow countrymen at home & in the diaspora, today I write to you as a concerned citizen of our ‘great’ nation as part of what we’ve come to know … Continue reading

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Moving ahead

Sometimes its important to know and understand the rules… but if you really want to move ahead its pretty important that you are willing to break the rules you know and re-create new ones…. Nuff said…get into breaking the rules … Continue reading

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I moved

Hey guys How are things? I haven’t blogged here in a while and it has been for certain reasons beyond the usual laziness…anyways, its actually the technicalities I ran out of wordpress space in terms of memory and I had … Continue reading

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One of my heroes of streetphotography and photojournalism is the French Photographter Henri Cartier-Bresson. Its something to observe and understudy the legends of photography but its a different experience all together to sit with them in a room just to … Continue reading

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F**K you – Pay Me

Hey guys, How’s it going today? I was watching this earlier and felt I should share with you. You are probably a creative person or someone that renders one form of service(s) or the other and you have to deal … Continue reading

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The Power……

I am no animator or cinematographer but every photographer, I believe, is a budding one. We only capture images in stills yet in our minds we see the world in a continuous stream of still images. Every now and then … Continue reading

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Playing without Light

The absence of light is called – ??????  Okay, while you think of an for answer that, I would like to point your attention to something else…Shadows! Some dictionaries define Shadow as ‘A dark area or shape produced by a … Continue reading

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