52nd Nigerian Independence Press release

From the desk of Femo, written with my digital Biro.

My fellow countrymen at home & in the diaspora, today I write to you as a concerned citizen of our ‘great’ nation as part of what we’ve come to know and accept as ‘Independence day’.

For over thirty odd years of my solemn and severally sober existence, my humble eyes have seen lofty things displayed in flagrant colors severally in the Nigerian entity.

I am not a Nigerian optimist… Hope is never a strategy!! I believe in our ever so long & unending Nigerian prayers but faith also without common sense works is akin to a God not interested in our complete exodus from Egypt.

I am not a Nigerian Patriot. God bless the lousy Americans or the bullish English but I don’t go about everywhere singing praises of my nation. I only try to be a good citizen of the world & hopefully if someone notices, Nigeria gets some credit.

I do not understand the idea of Nigerian independence and fifty two anniversaries even makes it harder to comprehend. Like most of our African brothers are we truly independent of some big brothers? Are we self sustaining, self regenerating and self developing?

Many things have refused to change & every October 1st I’ve known reminds me of New year resolutions long forgotten barely 10days into the new year. Again do i hope and pray it’s a different year? You be the judge!!

I am not a Nigerian fan who will get himself drunk, excited & ethereal about a date or event yet tomorrow morning will be back to the saddening realities of everyday Nigerian life.

Today is not one to be gregariously inobjective or actively seeking debaucheries of any kind all in the cloak of patriotism.

It is one of reflection.. Casting your mind back to when you first learned to recite the Nigerian pledge or when you were constantly told as a child ‘you are the leaders of tomorrow’

Remember the joy that filled your heart, the sparkle in your eyes, the ambition in your voice?

Maybe im alone on that but whatever the case may be, today we all across the nations of the Earth (and maybe Mars, you never know where Nigerians go) should ask ourselves what we would do for Nigeria

As cliched as that might sound, the first step to changing a nation is changing their culture; To change the culture, change the people; To change the people, change their thinking; To change the their thinking is up to you to do for you!

So again what would I do for Nigeria today? 160million voices and minds orchestrated in multivaried selfless ventures of change can begin to heal our bitter waters, restore our national glory & ‘build a nation where peace & justice shall reign’

Forget those who sold us to the British; The British that gave us many complexities to deal with; our internal and tribal differences; Lack of sustained vision and maintainance; Our curse of electing leaders exactly like us all; our corrupt fabric and honesty and integrity bereft core….

These are things we’ve known. What we can know from this point is what matters more!!

‘To serve Nigeria’ was once for me NOT BY FORCE. It still is!! Its BY CHOICE

SERVING HER WITH ALL MY HEART, DEFENDING HER UNITY & UPHOLDING HER HONOR & GLORY is truly not by force… It is a choice we can make.

The labours of our heroes past (albeit how shady it might be sometimes) truly looks increasingly to be in vain. What would our children’s children say about us?

Enough of being so much of a godly nation but flawed with several godless vices & inhumane attributes. The 7 deadly sins are almost becoming a Nigerian brand… Wait did we invent those sins?!

30 years is way too long not to have STABLE electricity, good roads, peace & security, sound education, a commoners rest of mind and national well being… All things I can’t remember ever being things Any Nigerian can boast Nigeria has given to them or they’ve given Nigeria through just or uncorrupt means.

This is our Independence anniversary but when will we truly be independent? How long more do we have to wait?

Ok, can the stone wielding idiots, sorry patriots now cast deluded stones in this direction?

(and with sanctimonious caution I close by saying) God bless the winds going in all 8 cardinal points, the Nigerian hustle, those who can talk & those who will act, those stealing & those catching, the big men in Aso Rock, everyone in our many states & the indestructibly contagious Nigerian spirit.

God bless Nigeria!!



My name is 'Femi (aka Femo) and these are pictures SHOTbyFEMO I am a freelance hobbyist Photographer with a passion for capturing treasured 'moments' with pictures. My ideal 'Kodak Moment' is such that tell different stories to different eyes that behold them and its a new story when you view it again. I love pictures that are bold, adventurous, iconic and atimes, just outright strange/different. It is my hope that armed with my favourite toys and tools, I can always capture these moments that leave you appreciative of 'the power of a picture'. Peace and Blessings to all of you that are followers of the light
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