F**K you – Pay Me

Hey guys,

How’s it going today? I was watching this earlier and felt I should share with you.

You are probably a creative person or someone that renders one form of service(s) or the other and you have to deal with people making payments – The question is how do you protect yourself from a loss for your efforts should the client decide not to pay after the service(s) have been rendered?

I hope this video gives you one or two helpful advice.

Have fun

PS – It’s about 38mins long!!



My name is 'Femi (aka Femo) and these are pictures SHOTbyFEMO I am a freelance hobbyist Photographer with a passion for capturing treasured 'moments' with pictures. My ideal 'Kodak Moment' is such that tell different stories to different eyes that behold them and its a new story when you view it again. I love pictures that are bold, adventurous, iconic and atimes, just outright strange/different. It is my hope that armed with my favourite toys and tools, I can always capture these moments that leave you appreciative of 'the power of a picture'. Peace and Blessings to all of you that are followers of the light
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5 Responses to F**K you – Pay Me

  1. Harnew says:

    Your intro to the video sounded cool. And I do want to know. But 38 mins? Hopefully I remember it when I have time.

  2. SHOTbyFEMO says:

    Cool…I am glad you are inspired already just halfway through

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