The Power……

I am no animator or cinematographer but every photographer, I believe, is a budding one.

We only capture images in stills yet in our minds we see the world in a continuous stream of still images. Every now and then I run into something that blows my ‘minds’ wider apart from the point where it is now and the point where it had never imagined it could attain to.

The power of the human mind is a vast endless energy of treasures that might not be completely understood or mined albeit the amount of resources or efforts we put into it. Of course, we can leave it to rot or waste away or we might not fully maximize its potential.

This video that I ran into today is yet proof again that the Human mind is more powerful than androids!!

For the most part, The fear of living can easily be replaced with the joy of just existing!! Make the most of your mind my friend!




My name is 'Femi (aka Femo) and these are pictures SHOTbyFEMO I am a freelance hobbyist Photographer with a passion for capturing treasured 'moments' with pictures. My ideal 'Kodak Moment' is such that tell different stories to different eyes that behold them and its a new story when you view it again. I love pictures that are bold, adventurous, iconic and atimes, just outright strange/different. It is my hope that armed with my favourite toys and tools, I can always capture these moments that leave you appreciative of 'the power of a picture'. Peace and Blessings to all of you that are followers of the light
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