Playing without Light

The absence of light is called?????? 

Okay, while you think of an for answer that, I would like to point your attention to something else…Shadows! Some dictionaries define Shadow as ‘A dark area or shape produced by a body coming between rays of light and a surface‘ or ‘ Partial or complete darkness, especially as produced in this way‘ or ‘ A person secretly following and observing another

I think the last definition doesn’t apply here except it describes most of us reading this – in short you are shadowing my blog – hehehehehe

Jokes aside. I didn’t think of shadows as being an inference of light for a while. I thought more of it in terms of darkness or being without light. Small wonder I couldn’t be bothered about it when taking pictures as light and the quality of light you have is all that makes most aspects of photography work. Of course in post production, it is also a vital tool to enhance images or something to be removed completely to suit your needs.

I must admit that my thinking was partly wrong. I noticed also that the first definition of shadows (which I quoted earlier) works universally when you are under the sun – of course we are all under the sun.

The sun is a huge light source and by coming between its rays and another surface, I create shadows! Wow! Physics is magic…but why don’t many photographers make more out of it? Who knows, maybe we just can’t be bothered!!

Some weeks back, I was coming back from somewhere (it was still a little cold weather wise) and as I walked out of a shopping mall, I saw my shadow on the pavement ahead of me.

I don’t think anyone’s shadow excites them again as long as they are over three years old but it was like I met my own shadow again. To even add more character to my shadow, I had a big duffle jacket on and a hat and my shadow created unique shapes.

Of course, by now I couldn’t help myself. I had to take pictures of it and here are the images of me playing without light (okay that doesn’t make sense but you get the gist)

In the future, I might commission an assignment for myself where all I am capturing is shadows from everyday works and walks of life – who knows?

Can you guess in which of the pictures I was frowning? Just kidding!

























My name is 'Femi (aka Femo) and these are pictures SHOTbyFEMO I am a freelance hobbyist Photographer with a passion for capturing treasured 'moments' with pictures. My ideal 'Kodak Moment' is such that tell different stories to different eyes that behold them and its a new story when you view it again. I love pictures that are bold, adventurous, iconic and atimes, just outright strange/different. It is my hope that armed with my favourite toys and tools, I can always capture these moments that leave you appreciative of 'the power of a picture'. Peace and Blessings to all of you that are followers of the light
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