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Joy – Which do you prefer?

So last weekend I was at this Party organized by women and for women! yay!! Okay, not so fast Jimmy! It’s not what you’re thinking! It was a clothes swap party and I was meant to cover the events, which … Continue reading

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My Old Neighbourhood

This gallery contains 43 photos.

I recently moved from the south east of London, Thamesmead to be precise, to the North of the river Thames, Uxbridge. As much as I loved the experiences in the old environment and loving the new environment also, I felt … Continue reading

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Feeling this today Volume X

Summer 2010! In retrospect, I realize that it was quite fast for me! I basically can’t remember many of the details anymore but thank heavens for pictures. This one brings it all back. Why? Well, it was one of the … Continue reading

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Don’t give up just now….

Life is full of seasons of varying forms and sorts though it’s easily convenient to say Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn are the four seasons. Living in England however has taught me that there are only three seasons – Good … Continue reading

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Feeling this today Volume IX

You know when you capture a picture and don’t really think much of it, then you come back to it later and you think, wow, did I really think this up? talk more shoot it? Well this is one of … Continue reading

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What do you see?

When you look at this picture, what do you see first? What captures your attention first? It’s funny how we all see different things in a picture especially one that has so many distracting elements but I am hoping its … Continue reading

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Simply put – Inspiring

Hey Guys, Though I am into photography, video and vFX as well as sound fascinates me. I ran into a show reel today that will most definately make anyone question how TV shows are made in the future. Not like … Continue reading

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